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We have a lot of orders for real estate advertisements from different countries. This is due to the fact
that the more complex the situation in Ukraine, the more its citizens are buying property abroad.

We offer advertising on several fronts:
- The distribution of your ads throughout Ukraine and to our subscribers in the CIS countries,
- Photo presentation, posting ads on popular resources on the Internet and in the press.
Through this integrated approach, our advertising covers up to 80% of the real estate market.
The experience of 12 years has shown its high efficiency.

Price list
Select the length of advertising campaign

  Advertising real estate abroad - in Ukraine! cost
  Complex advertising campaign
Throughout the duration of the plan does the following:
Mailing lists.
- Sending your ad to real estate agency of Kiev and regions Ukraine's, all active participants OF the real estate market (every 3 days) - more than 35 000 subscribers.
- 4 mailings your ad through the informational channel "Subscribe.ru" (CIS countries, more than 10,000 subscribers.)
- VIP mailing of the page "Photo-presentation" (up to 14 photos).

Internet advertising.
- Creating a page "Photo-presentation" (slideshow effect "Videos")
- Your ad posted on the main page of the portal "The world of real estate in Ukraine", IN the rating of Ukraine's real estate, and on the popular Billboard "Real Estate OF Ukraine" (on a dynamic banner in the category "unique offer").
Creating a banner and placing ads in the section "Foreign real estate".
- Your ad is being published in the online magazine "Real Estate" (more than 14,000 readers per month).

Advertising in the press.
Publication in a popular print newspaper "AVISO". Your ad truncated to 40 words. The ad text contains a direct link to your page "Photo-presentation". 
4 weeks 150 EUR
6 weeks 190 EUR
8 weeks 230 EUR
12 weeks
300 EUR
Payment Methods:
- Foreign companies we send a formal contract and the account (in euros or dollars).
- If you have a representative in Ukraine - we will send him a bill in UAH (at the rate of NBU).
- Individuals - offer favorable conditions and convenient payment methods.
Helpful information:
- On the first day of advertising, we are sending you a detailed report, in which you can control the whole progress of the advertising campaign - Перейти...
- Examples of design of advertising campaigns - Перейти...
- Unique offers in the category "International Real Estate" - Перейти... 
Additional service, if your firm does not have offices in Ukraine.
We offer a range of executive services:
- Responding to phone calls, inquiries by e-mail send promotional materials,
- Constantly carry out the above VIP-advertising of your company and its offerings.


We will be glad to cooperate with you!
 Gregory Tafipolsky, director of RA "World of the Ukrainian real estate"
tel. +38 (044) 253-03-94, +38 (066) 352-19-73, +38 (097) 144-25-18, viber: +380663521973
секретарь: +38(050) 833-30-14,   e-mail: admin@mn.kiev.ua

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